Leasing Catering Equipment

If you are looking at leasing catering equipment, then we have just the solution for you. We have teamed up with Portman Asset Finance to offer our clients the ability to lease the items that you will find on our website. This facility is available to both new and established businesses, who are looking to enhance their cashflow situation.


Portman Asset Finance was established in 2007 providing finance to both established and start-up businesses all over the UK. It is a privately owned company providing in excess of  £50 million of equipment and vehicle finance per annum.

Why Would you choose to lease?

  • Rates from 3%.
  • Flexibility on asset type.
  • Support for the whole of the UK including  Northern Ireland.
  • Industry leading acceptance rates.
  • Same day decisions.
  • Highly efficient administrative processes.
  • Seasonal/tailored payment plans.
  • Finance available over periods as long as 10 years.
  • Deferred initial payments available.
  • Support for new start businesses.

All payments are 100% tax deductible. Your payment will not be affected by any fluctuations in base rates. All figures shown are subject to VAT at the relevant rate.

Should you have any questions regarding the figures, please do not hesitate to call 0161 366 5552.

Machine Value                                  Monthly Payment

£1000                                                            £ 48.95

£2000                                                           £ 97.90

£3000                                                          £ 146.85

£4000                                                          £ 195.80

£5000                                                          £ 244.75

£6000                                                          £ 293.70

£7000                                                          £ 342.65

£8000                                                          £ 391.60

£9000                                                          £ 440.55

£10000                                                        £ 489.50

*The provision of the information contained in this table does not constitute a formal offer on behalf of Portman Asset Finance Limited nor on behalf of any other member of The Portman Group of Companies and Shrink Wrapping Supplies Ltd. It is merely an indication of terms to form the basis of negotiation between us and these terms may be withdrawn in whole or in part without notice and without any reason being given. We nor any employees hold responsibility for the accuracy of any tax or interest rate calculations. Please consult your accountant or financial advisor for verification on potential tax relief relating to your specific acquisition & situation. Any form of agreement referred to is also indicative and does not commit us to agreeing to contact with you on that form of agreement.


Q.Why use asset finance?

A. Finance payments are 100% tax deductible. Asset finance is the most tax efficient way of acquiring  new equipment.

Q. I thought finance was just for people  who can’t afford to buy?

A. On the contrary, asset finance is designed for profitable businesses to reduce tax liabilities.

Q. What is the minimum and maximum amounts I can borrow?

A. The minimum is £1,000 + VAT. There is no maximum., although it will depend on credit status.

Q. In what countries do you provide finance?

A. The whole of the United Kingdom including Northern Ireland.

Q. Over how many years is finance available?

A. Any period between 1 – 10 years.

Q. What can be financed?

A. Any vehicle or equipment for business use including fixtures and fittings, software and lighting.

Q.What is your credit criteria?

A. Portman can assist both new start and established businesses.

Q.Will I have to put down a deposit?

A. No. Portman can arrange finance with no deposit.

Q. Do you offer seasonal payment terms?