Cooking Oil Filters

These cooking oil filters increase both the life and quality of your cooking oil. The impurities and micro-particles are removed so that the oil can be reused again and again. Crumbs and sediment are also taken out, which if ignored, can cause flavour transfer.

These items have a low profile design and fit effortlessly under most fryer drains. If your fryer does not have a built-in filtration system, this unit is the perfect way to get the same great benefits without purchasing a whole new one.

These portable filter systems are are essential for commercial fryers within any fish & chip shop, hotel or cafe. The on and off switch is located on the back of the unit to protect the user, while a combination of stainless steel and sturdy nickel-plated construction provides long-lasting use. Plus, the filter pan and media assembly quickly lift out for easy cleaning. Other features include 1 sediment clean out scoop to be used after the filtration process is complete.

The benefits are saving time, effort and money, in addition to protecting the lifespan of your cooking oil. This is vital if your business is reliant on this.

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