Decarbonising Powder

This decarbonising powder is used in conjunction with a decarbonising tank, and strips off grease and carbon build-up. The chemical is mixed with water, and this solution is heated up using an element. Once up to temperature, kitchen utensils and equipment that contain a large carbon build-up can be placed inside and soaked for a few hours. Once clean, the implements can be rinsed under cold water and put back into service.

The cleaning solution is environmentally friendly, but must be used with goggles and gloves. This is due to the heat factor, as opposed to any of the active ingredients that are contained within.

One 4kg bag can be used to fill a 100-litre tank. In most cases, this will be sufficient to last between 4 and 6 weeks, dependent on use.

This is ideal for busy, commercial kitchens who are wasting too much time and money on their cleaning cycles.

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