Decarbonising Tanks

Decarbonising Tanks are used to get rid of grease and carbon build-up on kitchen implements in an easy manner. They make use of a chemical solution which is heated up by the element. This mixture then strips off the carbon and grease just by soaking the affected kitchen utensils inside for a few hours.

The chemical solution is non-toxic, but has to be used with gloves and goggles. This is more to protect from heat, as opposed to any elements inside. It is far safer to use when compared to other outdated cleaning methods, such as caustic ones.

These tanks come in various sizes so are able to fit into most commercial kitchens or pantries. They are on castors, so are easy to move around. They are built from ruggerdstainless steel so are real workhorses.

The benefits are saving time, effort and money when it comes to cleaning and operating a busy commercial kitchen.

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