Glass Frosters

For impressive drinks presentation make use of one of these the Glass Frosters. They immediately create the illusion of a frozen glass without the tedious waiting time. Flash freeze any item in an instant with a powerful jet of CO2, leaving a mystical, frozen mist surrounding it. Every drink has the power to leave your customers in awe.

These machines are easy to operate by simply pushing down the froster head. The cooling process sterilises the glass, providing you with a more hygienic drinks service. It does not taint the taste of the beverage either. Lastly, there is no watering down of drinks, as is with the case when using ice cubes.

These glass frosters are ideal for frosting a wide variety of glasses, for beer, wine and champagne. Each machine is portable and practical, and can be placed almost anywhere, saving valuable space and energy.

They are great for those establishments who are wanting to create an upmarket or holiday feel.

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