Glass Polishers

Glass Polishers automatically dry glasses of all sizes and shapes, leaving them gleaming and without water marks.

There are numerous superb benefits to be enjoyed by commercial kitchens which include:

A consistently high sheen – derived from natural fibres
Reduced labour costs – staff can focus their time elsewhere
No need for both purchase and disposal of paper towels
Reduced towel laundry costs
A much faster glass cleaning turnaround rate
Much reduced breakages
No cross contamination from dirty cloths
Improved health and safety

There are various sizes of machine available to suit all requirements. There is also the ability to make the polisher suitable for champagne flutes, which are usually easy to break and difficult to clean manually.

The brushes are made of a natural, absorbent material, which are very easy to clean and maintain. This machine is great for those establishments wanting to make an impression on their clients, whilst also saving time and money.

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