Cutlery Polisher – Frucosol SH3000


This automatic cutlery polisher machine is designed to dry and polish cutlery after washing, making the items brighter by removing water and limescale marks.


Production 3000-3500 cutlery/hour
UVC lamp Incorporated. Sterilises Granulate and Cutlery
Fan motor Incorporated into the exit
Consumption 750 w
Voltage 230-110 v /50-60 Hz Single Phase
Net weight 48 kg
Dimensions 57 L x 55 D x 40 H cm


Support arms basket Included
Cutlery basket Included
Trolley With Wheels Stand Optional
Change Granulate SH3000 Optional


Cutlery Polisher

The Frucosol SH3000 automatic cutlery polisher is designed to dry and polish cutlery after washing. This makes the items brighter by removing the water and limescale marks. The cutlery is then ready to be put into service. This polisher dries both stainless steel and silver items, bringing them to a perfect shine every time.

The machine itself is manufactured from stainless steel, making it robust and reliable. It makes use of a UV lamp, which also sterilises the cutlery and granulate during the drying process. The polisher is compact, so it fits into any commercial kitchen that is short of space. Any level surface can be used to home the machine.

Frucosol polishers are also much quieter due to the great advantage of installing a fan motor at the end of the circuit. This fan motor provides the machine with hot air as well as removing the humidity from the device.


Additional information

Weight 48 kg
Dimensions 57 × 55 × 40 cm


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