Orange Juice Machine – Frucosol F50A


The F50A is similar to the F50, except that is has a larger 12kg loading capacity, compared to 4kg for the base model. This automatic orange juice machine produces fresh, delicious drinks within a few seconds, and is ideal for commercial kitchens.


Fruit per minute 20-25 fruits/min
Feeder capacity 12 Kg
Fruit diameter Up to 80 mm
Consumption 460 w
Voltage 230-110 v /50-60 Hz
Safety Switching off automatic sensors
Net weight 56 kg
Dimensions 47 L x 62 D x 78,5 H cm


Buckets Inox Optional
Digital programmer Optional
Podium Optional


Orange Juice Machine

The Frucosol F50A Orange Juice Machine is an automatic juicer that can produce a litre of delicious, fresh orange juice every minute. The juice is delivered as freshly as possible, without the need to touch the peel itself. None of the bitter components of the fruit are processed into the drink during the process.

This machine has a gravity feeding tub and stainless steel round holder. The juicer is compact by design, but is strong and reliable. It is easy to clean, and has a glass window showing the functionality.

The F50A is similar to the F50, except that is has a much larger 12kg loading capacity.


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